I have never massaged anyone. Is this training for me?

Absolutelty yes! Many of our students start their massage journey on our trainings. Our groups are always small by design and there's two of us so you will recieve as much support and guidence as you need.

I am an experienced massage practioner. Do I really need 5 days to learn Lomi Lomi?

We belive so. Lomi Lomi Nui has plenty unique techniques/details to keep you busy during the training. Joint rotations, one of key techinque in this tradition, requires some time to learn and even more time to master. Your body posture around the table, how we use our body weight and breath to support ourselves during 2 hours long sessions is also a bit different comparing to most of other massage styles. We always encourage people with massage background to send their proffesional-self on holiday, and allow themselves to enjoy being a student with fresh and open mind for the time of the training.

I am not sure if I would like to become a massage pactitioner. Can I still sign up?

Yes! Many of our studens is in similar situation like you. We believe that massage is a great way of self-discovery and self-exploration. The training is designed to give us oportuinity to look at ourselves and find a better way to live our lives. Funily enough, during testimonials we record after the trainig our students rearly mention massage but instead they mostly share what they discovered about themselves. Besides that, there's plenty of fun, dancing, movement, Hawaiian legends and many Hawaiian practices suporting happy and healty life. We'll do our best to keep you happy.

I am interested but May 2022 does not work for me. What can you offer me?

We always looking for oportunity to facilitate new trainings. Please contact us and send your details with prefered time and location. Another alternative is individual training in Christchurch where dates are very flexible.

I have group of friends that are interested. Would you be able to do this training just for us?

That's a great idea! We are very open to do that. Please contact us and we'll get back to you.